Questions Patients Ask Us

When is the best time to schedule an appointment?

Getting sick is uncontrollable; and, as a result, we can’t predict when the vast majority of our patients will be visiting us.

Our free online service, ManageMyHealth, lists all available appointment times, and is the easiest way to schedule an appointment.

If you have not registered with our patient portal yet, ask for more information at reception.

Are you open during the weekend?

We are not currently open during the weekend. However, Phoenix Urgent Doctors are open during this time (08:30AM to 08:00PM).

They’re located at 95 Vivian Street and can be contacted on (06) 759 4295.

Dial 111 in cases of emergency.

What time does the pharmacy close?

Here are the opening times of local pharmacies:

Strandon Pharmacy

488 Devon Street,

(06) 759 0294

Weekdays – 08:30AM to 05:30PM
Weekends – closed

Fitzroy Pharmacy

552 Devon Street East,

(06) 758 2979

Weekdays – 08:30AM to 05:30PM
Weekends – closed

I'm feeling unwell. Do I need to see the doctor?

If you’re feeling sick, or ‘a bit different from the usual’, it’s best to seek professional medical advice. Doing so gives you peace of mind and ensures there’s less room for error.

Our triage process lets you know whether an appointment is necessary and if you need to see a nurse or a doctor.

It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Can you see me urgently?

We aim to see all emergency cases as soon as possible.

If you think you urgently need to see a doctor, please call us sooner rather than later.

You may also be asked to speak with, or be checked by, a nurse. This lets us work out what service is going to best meet your needs.

Can you visit me at home?

One of our nurses or doctors can visit you at home in special circumstances or if you are a housebound patient. However, we can usually do more for you at our practice (as this is where our equipment is kept).

We can also arrange for a laboratory technician or district nurse to visit you if you require their services and are housebound.

Please note there is an extra charge for all home visits.

Can I have my lab or blood results?

The most efficient and convenient way to get test results is via our free online service, ManageMyHealth.  If your result requires an explanation or another consultation with your doctor we will contact you to arrange that.

Reception staff are unable to give lab or blood results as they are not trained for this.

If you have not registered with ManageMyHealth yet, ask for more information at reception.

What's my INR result?

A few of our patients who take Warfarin need to check their INR every few days or weeks.

Morning test are reported the same afternoon and we’ll try to phone all patients by 5PM with results and dosage advice.

Please try and avoid doing these tests on Friday (as you might have to wait until Monday if we can’t get hold of you).

Can I have my x-ray or scan results?

It’s best to discuss your x-rays and scans with a medical professional (such as your doctor). Please arrange an appointment to discuss these with your doctor.

Reception staff are unable to read x-rays or scans as they are not trained for this.

Where can I find medical information on the internet?

Health Navigator NZ goes to great lengths to ensure their website provides New Zealanders with reliable, New Zealand-focused health information.

Whilst this is an excellent resource, it’s best to seek professional medical advice if you’re concerned about your health.

Diagnosing ailments can be quite tricky as there’s usually more than one possibility. For example, nasal congestion on WebMD can be:

  • Hay fever
  • Acute sinusitis
  • Indoor allergens
  • Nasal polyps
  • Foreign object in the nose
  • Nonallergic rhinitis
  • Whooping cough
  • Ricin poisoning

Therefore, we recommend a cautious approach when referring to condition on the internet and seek advice from your doctor or nurse.

We strongly suggest you speak to us if you’re worried about something or would like peace of mind.